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  1. Hello!

    I am building a robot circus, and I’m hoping you might mention it on your website.

    In a junk-punk, post-apocalyptic future an incorrigible showman and a boy genius build robotic animals from trash and make them the stars of a travelling circus. That is the premise of a new animatronics/puppetry-based live show I’m developing.

    To showcase the concept, I’ve made a website with 4 short films plus loads of photos, music and artwork, featuring:

    - A robotic octopus who plays the xylophone
    - A fortune-telling mechanical ant
    - Unique musical instruments made from repurposed electronics
    - Ringmasters, clowns, showgirls and more.

    In summary, this is geek/robot/puppetry/theatre/scifi/junk-punk/music/animatronic/circus heaven, and I hope you will help me spread the word.

    Love and kisses,

    Patrick Gleeson