Thursday, November 29, 2007

Steampunkopedia by Retrostacja

Retrostacja's Steampunkopedia is resource for many steampunk related things like web pages and books..


Gzmodo is blog about different cool gadgets; And sometimes gizmodo notices steampunk gadgets too; So here is Gizmodos steampunk category full of cool steampunkish things...

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Color photos from 1902

Sergey Prokudin-Grosky was first photographer (and chemist) who captured world in colors...

The Fallout Series

The original and only fallout game series based on post apocalyptic world with lots of atomic retrofuturism from 1950's-1960's... ---Original fallout @ mobygames ---Popular fallout fanpage ---Official fallout page (fallout 3)

Internet Sacred Text Archive contains lots of religious, mythical, folklore and mythology texts from history..
All available for free in the site.

Tom Kidd

"The Worlds Of Tom Kidd"

Official Tom Kid's web-pages and picture galleries:

Tom Kidd is artist and illustrator; Airships, steampunk and victorian science fiction themes are widely used in his beautiful works...

The Vimanika Shastra

Mysterious Veda-writing about aerial technology of forgotten Indian (Hindu) culture...

Ancient machinery book, ufo story or Hindu-scifi..?

PS. Originally it's text was some how "channeled" in late 19th century... So it is perfect example of those tech-occult things from 1800's :)

EDIT: Original link does not work any more so I added some new...

The Unmuseum

Interesting stories about unknown and unnatural things.. Hoaxes.. And strange historical stories..

Thursday, November 8, 2007

BrassGoggles : Steampunk Forum

BrassGoggles Steampunk forum is really victorian and old tech oriented forum with growing popularity in internet...

Art of Steve Brudniak

Beautiful and interesting Steampunkish/Dieselpunkish art of Steve Brudniak:

Voyages Extraordinaires

Voyages Extraordinaires is blog about everything steampunk related stuff and victorian adventures of future..

Steam, Brass and Fzz

Professor Fzz writes everything about brass things and steam...


Retromania is retroblog from Finnish news magazine Helsingin Sanomat.. Mostly about computers and old games and gadgets...


Retro thing blog is about everything in "retro" genre; Mostly different gadgets from history of popular material culture and popular technology...


Great resource and blog about retrofuturism and future visions from days before today...


Ottens is interesting site with articles about history, steampunk/dieselpunk and startrek.. --Ottens index --The Gatehouse (formerly OTTENSteam)

Rosebud's Early Aeroplanes and Airships

Rosebud's WWI and early aviation image archive attempts to archive vintage photographs of flying machines

Da Vinci Automata

From the site: "A Blog on the Clockpunk genre of Science Fiction"

Starwreck blog

Blog from creators of Finnish scifi comedy "Starwreck" and also creators of upcoming dieselpunk and retro-futurism inspired nazi-ufo movie called "Iron Sky"

BrassGoggles blog

Brass Goggles blog is greatest and most popular steampunk based blog in internet..

Aether Emporium

Aether emporium is great steampunk and victorian retrofuturism resource...

Airshipworld Blog

Airshipworld is great blog about everything airship related...


Aerokrat is airship themed russian blog...

Steampunk @

Steampunk group at music community:

Alternative history in music videos @ Youtube

Steampunk in music videos...

Direct link to playlist:

GoldenAge @ Youtube

Dieselpunk / Retrofuturism / Atomicpunk videos: "Future of the past.. Alternative history.. Golden age with no worries of tomorrow..."

Direct Link to playlist:

Sunday, November 4, 2007